In the End, Christianity Wins

A few weeks ago, Chris Munekawa encouraged Christians to be innovators, not imitators. His essay prompted a comment from one of our regulars – the gist of the comment was that Christians ought to be concerned with their own demise since, increasingly, people seem to be leaving the church. Recently I have heard several similar remarks from the main stream media and I simply don’t buy what the MSM is selling. I understand the data sets that they are looking at, but I also have an insiders view of the situation that presents a more full picture than a set of numbers on a page. I wrote my own response to the nay sayers shortly after Chris’ post, but today John Mark Reynolds has also penned a fantastic response worth a read – especially if you are a Christian wringing your hands over Christianity’s supposedly dwindling numbers.

Every few years somebody announces that Christianity in America is doomed. This time the excuse is a survey that does show a small decline in Christian self-identification, but that this decline has pretty much stopped. A one percent decline in just under a decade in Christian self-identification in a survey with a margin of error of half a percent is hailed as the latest piece of evidence.
When extremist secularists are not paranoid of an imminent American theocracy, whether because someone is singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic or saying the Pledge, they veer into triumphalism, because “all” the smart people or young people (take your pick) are going their way. Of course, religious gloom mongers benefit by overplaying the fears of traditional Christians and joining extreme secularists in seeing the end of the religious world as we have known it.
Pardon me, but Christians should feel fine. This is not the end of American Christian dominance, though it may mark the end of the religious left… continue at the Scriptorium Daily