On Chivalry: “Being a Gentleman” is Relative

Chivalry is one of those areas in which “what’s true for you is true for you” applies. I once visited a friend who appreciated that I had her walk on the inside of the sidewalk, and I have also spent time with friends who probably do not care and might get offended if I tried that sort of thing. Manners help us amplify verbal declarations or wordlessly express things that fall flat when verbally stated. “I love you” resonates when accompanied by nonverbal elucidation, and we say “please” and “thank you” because “I want to make a request of you while respecting your dignity as my moral equal” strikes people as a little odd. Treating women right is a moral absolute as far as I am concerned, but there is unfortunately no single set of rules that all men follow. Continue reading On Chivalry: “Being a Gentleman” is Relative