Students, End Your War on Books

Flip open the cover and bend back the spine. Skip over the Roman numerals until you reach the first chapter heading. Now, prepare to search and destroy. Find the weakness. Fire. This is studying.

This is studying?

The 21st century intelligent university student increasingly hunts through her assigned books with one strategy: preemptive strike. The goal is disagreement. Continue reading Students, End Your War on Books

Numerology, Critical Thinking, and Hope

It has been almost a year since the rapture should have occurred, at least according to Harold Camping. Lots of people were convinced by his arguments, and there was at least one couple that sold their property and took a vacation with their life savings, since the rapture was coming and they wouldn’t need their earthly possessions after that. This was convincing, to some, I suspect because their hope blinded them to the realities of the arguments. That isn’t to say that hope is always blinding, of course, simply that there are times when our hopes can lead us to believe things that are plainly antithetical to rational belief. Continue reading Numerology, Critical Thinking, and Hope