Virtual as Reality

My friend, Dave, and I have been debating whether video games will soon become the “common text” of our culture. I initially rejected the idea because I felt that games are just that, games. They aren’t meant to be taken seriously like books. Dave pushed back and after some good conversation, I am reconsidering my position. I’m 24, most of my friends are gamers to one degree or another. Already we’ve noticed that we will reference something from a video game to help us illustrate a point just like people once referenced the story of David and Goliath to illustrate somebody’s beating an opponent against incredible odds. So all this has me thinking, what are the implications of “virtual reality” guiding our understanding of real life? Should Christian creatives start telling stories through video games?
Then I saw this video and was horrified. While I am puzzling over video games as an education tool and as a culture’s common text, some of our society’s brightest people are applauding the idea that virtual reality is virtually reality.

So what is reality? What counts as “experience”? Am I the only one who thinks these people are crazy? If you agree with them, tell me why. ‘