Little Hope Was Arson – A Second Look (Film Review)

Note: a review copy of this film was provided in exchange for a review. Visit the film’s website here. See our earlier review from James here. Spoilers follow.

If you’ve ever been to Texas, you may have noticed the Jesus fish symbols on billboards used (presumably) to alert viewers that the company is Christian owned, or that it only takes a few minutes on the road to realize that there is almost literally a church on every corner. Continue reading Little Hope Was Arson – A Second Look (Film Review)

I Am…Gabriel, a Review

I Am…Gabriel, a film directed by Mike Norris (yes, Chuck’s son), was, well, quite the experience. I’ll admit this right up front: I’m not much of a fan of so-called “Christian films.” Usually they either end up unnaturally preachy (which is primarily a problem due to the impersonal nature of it), or they simply end up saying terrible things. Theology is usually one of the first things to go, if the film wants to be ‘accessible.’ If it doesn’t, it rarely comes out as a feature motion picture, and ends up as some sort of a documentary or sermon series in DVD format. Continue reading I Am…Gabriel, a Review