Grooveshark, Free Music, and the Future of the Music Industry

That title may be a bit much. More specifically, the title may sound like it is speaking to a lot of things, but I think it may actually all be one thing. With the recent lawsuits against Grooveshark by all of the major music labels, the folks over at Gizmodo sat down with the CEO of the little company, and came up with Six Reasons Why Recorded Music Should Be Free. And, actually, I think they may be right. Continue reading Grooveshark, Free Music, and the Future of the Music Industry

Giving Music Away

Over at his personal blog, music artist Derek Webb has a  rather lengthy post detailing why he believes that giving away music for free is actually a good thing for the artist. Besides giving some insight concerning streaming services like Spotify or even purchasing albums from services like iTunes or Amazon, Webb spends his words on arguing for a relationship between himself and his fans. While his argument focuses throughout the post on the idea that giving away an album he would make relatively little from by selling it on iTunes will net him a gain through concert tickets, t-shirts, or even other albums from a merch table, Webb does conclude by suggesting that giving away albums for free actually increases the value of music, rather than decreasing it. Continue reading Giving Music Away