George Soros and dumbed-down education

It’s getting easier and easier to get into college these days. Standards are dropping, and the quality of the average college education pales in comparison to what your great grandparents probably received just a few generations ago.
Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to change anytime soon, especially if George Soros and the other radical financial backers of Fair Test get their way.
Fair Test, also known as the National Center for Fair and Accurate Testing, has an enormous amount of influence on college admissions policies. This is especially disturbing when you realize just how little actual expertise the Fair Test staff has.
Fair Test advocates the removal of standardized testing as a college admissions policy, despite evidence that this would artificially inflate the scores of those who do take the tests:

Studies show that when testing is optional, national averages for SAT scores are skewed and this could disrupt college admission standards across the country and run a risk of lowering standards overall. A recent LA Times editorial said it well: “Admissions standards could stand a bit of modification, but not at the expense of academics.”

George Soros has contributed a lot of money to Fair Test in the past few years, money which has helped Fair Test in their quest to lower college admissions standards by making standardized testing optional. Soros, who has also funded such projects as, has a history of funding radical left-wing projects, and of ensuring that this funding helps promote his own ideals. Fair Test is also supported by the Woods Fund, which in turn is supported by no less than domestic terrorist William Ayres himself – he sits on their board.

George Soros and William Ayres have an awful lot of influence on our nation’s college admissions standards, even if somewhat indirectly. Do we really want men like them determining the kind of education our college students receive?