How to Argue Like Jesus – by Joe Carter and John Coleman

Joe has written a book!


How to Argue like Jesus: Learning Persuasion from History’s Greatest Communicator

by Joe Carter and John Coleman

Joe sent me a note about the book in which he said: “Argue Like Jesus, which was written for both Christians and
non-believers, uses Jesus as a model of logic, rhetoric, and persuasion in order
to show how to be a more effective influencer and communicator. We think
students, bloggers, business people, and anyone else who needs to be persuasive
will find it useful (it’s short — 170 pages — and practically oriented).

You can learn more about it on our website:”

I have provided a link above so that you can purchase your copy of the book through Amazon.  I just ordered my copy and look forward to reading it. 

Regarding the Evangelical Outpost, a Letter from the Editor

When Joe contacted myself and a number of my peers about assuming responsibility for the Evangelical Outpost, my first feeling was one of humility. Though I was sad to hear that he was going to be pulling back from Evangelical Outpost, I was humbled by the honor of being among the individuals whom he trusted to continue the legacy of this great site.
Like many of you, I first met Joe through Evangelical Outpost. I became acquainted with his blog as a result of my work with GodblogCon. When John Mark Reynolds and Matt Anderson were introducing me to the Godblogosphere, they pointed me to Joe Carter as an example of a quintessential Godblogger. I appreciated Joe’s humor and the caliber of thought that went into each post at Evangelical Outpost. When I met Joe at GodblogCon in October of 2006, I met a man who was every bit the humorous, insightful, and authentic person his blog entries suggested him to be.

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