How Does It Feel to Be the Next C. S. Lewis?

C. S. Lewis is dead and we need a new one, someone who can articulate a smart mere Christianity, not just a vague pan-Christianity. We need someone with imagination and intelligence, uniting the visible with the invisible, helping people accept the unseeable God behind the tangible world and like what they have received. Surely, someone must rise to the challenge. Wherever that person is, whatever he or she is doing, I bet I know what it feels like to be the next C. S. Lewis. Continue reading How Does It Feel to Be the Next C. S. Lewis?

Stick with the Basics: On Study and Learning

Once in a Bible study at church, a guy said something that has become paradigmatic for me: he said that in following Jesus, we always have to stick to the basics. We have to continually revisit the basics of the faith so that we do not fall like a massive tree with no roots. Sticking to the basics does not keep you from taking advanced courses in theology, but losing the basics of the gospel often comes when we forget simple human realities, let alone basic Christian realities. I see this a lot as I have traveled and lived overseas: cross-cultural information in books and on the internet helps, but I basically have to throw all that out and start over again when I deal with real people. Even though I have to throw it out, I get to go pick through the garbage when I get ready for the next go round. Continue reading Stick with the Basics: On Study and Learning