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Contraception, Encouragement, and Affirmation

Last week, Matthew Lee Anderson published an article through Christianity Today arguing that Churches Shouldn’t Push Contraceptives to Their Singles. I thought the post was thoughtful and interesting, and shared it with a few friends. It helped start a couple of helpful conversations, so there...
May 2nd, 2012 | Abortion, Bioethics, Church, Culture, Evangelicals, Family Issues, Featured, Religion, Reproductive Technologies | Read More

One Book for College: Joining the Recommendations

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, Matt Anderson took it upon himself and his bloggers to each recommend a book to read during college. While I do not write for Mere-O, I am an avid reader and Matt is a friend of mine, so I thought I would throw my own hat into the ring. Hopefully he won’t mind this particular...
September 22nd, 2011 | Blogging, Book Reviews, Education, Featured | Read More