Microsoft Surface: A Brief Review (of sorts)

Reviews of the new Microsoft’s new Surface tablet suck. There, I said it. Someone had to! Mossberg gives his thoughts on it, David Pogue opines about it, Josh Toplosky reviews it, everybody has something to say about this new piece of technology from Microsoft. They break down this new gadget in every category imaginable: hardware, software, design, build quality, impressions, etc. But these reviews don’t grasp the most important element of using a device, the likeability. Likeability is an intangible that is extremely difficult to quantify or write about. Each reviewer tells you (the reader) whether they like the device or not, but it’s impossible for the reviewer to gauge whether you will like the device. Whether someone likes a device or not is determined by a complex variety of reasons, one that doesn’t just appear if you add up all the factors. Continue reading Microsoft Surface: A Brief Review (of sorts)

Mirror Mirror: the iPhone 5 and Introspection

Well, Apple did it again. They’ve announced and detailed a phone that will come out within the next couple of weeks. The pattern is predictable, which is far from a bad thing in the usually-in-flux world of technology, but there is something underwhelming about a lack of surprise. It comes with the next update for its computer-based software, iTunes, and happened to include an update to its little brothers, the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano.

And yet, I found myself underwhelmed. Continue reading Mirror Mirror: the iPhone 5 and Introspection

Microsoft’s Surface: The Tablet to Compete with the iPad

If you had eavesdropped on any of the conversations I’d had this last week about technology, it was probably about Microsoft’s future. With their unveiling of SmartGlass at E3, Windows 8’s Release Edition, and my general love of their Windows Phone platform, there was a lot to talk about. And then, late last week, there was a rumor that Microsoft would be releasing a tablet that would be self-branded, rather than simply licensed. This was a big rumor, and initially many people had doubts. Was the event related to Nokia? Perhaps to Barnes and Noble? When both of them denied any involvement, people began to go forth with the rumor. Continue reading Microsoft’s Surface: The Tablet to Compete with the iPad