Ushering in 2014: Reflection and the Future

This has been a crazy year for us at Evangelical Outpost. Aside from a plethora of personal events (multiple moves, a wedding, and all sorts of exciting happenings), we’ve found some success putting words out into the cold space of the internet. This marks the first calendar year that I’ve been at the helm of this little corner of the internet, and I’ve been blessed to read and edit so many great posts this last year (not to mention pen a few).

And so, a reflection. During the last year, we thought long and hard about how to utilize our partnership with the Torrey Honors Institute. We came up with taking on current students (for credit), and letting them loose on the public world. We ran into some rough spots, and we had some absolutely excellent writers along the way. It was a great experience, and while we will be constantly tweaking and rounding up some of those sharp edges, we all are looking forward to more interactivity with those students.

In addition, we managed to get featured at The Gospel Coalition twice this year. One article was penned by one of our aforementioned student writers, and I was pleased to write the other. It was a good year for us, in that way.

Since a retrospective is the current goal, here are some of our top posts from the last year:

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The Expulsive Power of an Addiction: Why Smoking Might Save Your Life

But I didn’t just promise you links to what we’ve already done, I promised a look into the future. So, here’s what the next year holds for us at Evangelical Outpost. First, we’re going to keep mentoring young writers. We’ll continue to work with Torrey students, taking on as many as our current writers can keep up with. This change won’t be too visible, for most people, but it is still something we’re excited about.

The second change–and perhaps the most significant one for readers–is that we hope to do a full fledged redesign. That’s right, the old style of this site will be gone. We’ll have a clearer announcement of this when we get closer, but keep your eyes out. I’m excited, and can’t wait to reveal what we’ve come up with.

As the calendar turns over, we all celebrate living to write the next year on our checks. May God guide us into the new year, no matter what it may bring.