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Irony and a Genuine Love of Absurdity

“If irony is the ethos of our age — and it is — then the hipster is our archetype of ironic living.” So opines Christy Wampole, over in the New York Times’ opinion section. This opening suggestion, and the examples that play out through her entire piece, have a weight to them that...
December 14th, 2012 | Culture | Read More

A Sack of Spin

. A recent article by Kevin Sack concerns pre-abortion ultrasounds, and whether they might or might-not affect a woman’s decision. But he wrote another article simultaneously–one about how only cold, cruel extremists insist that clinics provide ultrasounds. Impressive. Sack’s article is composed...
June 7th, 2010 | Abortion, Culture, Logic & Rhetoric, Media, Politics, Reproductive Technologies | Read More