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Patriotism and the Olympics

We’ve covered patriotism a few times here, but recently I considered it in light of Independence Day. The issue rarely comes up, and my conclusion was rather concise: it was good to be patriotic, but not the greatest good, and you should read Brett McCracken’s thoughts on this. But now the...
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Patriotism and the Fourth of July

I contemplated whether or not I should write a post for the Fourth of July. The holiday has never been wildly important in my family, though I’ve done my share of wearing red, white, and blue, and even temporarily dying my hair one year. I’ve made the trek to see fireworks at both the Washington...
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The Patriot’s Asterisk:
Why We Shouldn’t be Ashamed to be Patriots

Recently a number of intellectual bloggers have been debating the concept of patriotism (see here, here, here, and here.) The conflict over such a mundane and seemingly uncontroversial term highlights the fact that we Americans have conflicted feelings about the word “patriot.” To question...
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