Answering in the Negative: What Suffering Isn’t?

Over at CNN’s religion blog, Timothy Keller wrote a bit about the age-old problem of pain and suffering: what do we conclude about God when we observe suffering for some people and not for others? He suggests and dismisses a number of responses, including “There is no God,” which he says doesn’t really help solve the problem; “God is not in control,” which stands at odds with our normal conception of God, and thus is unhelpful in this case; “God rewards good people, and punishes bad people,” which Job easily refutes; and, finally, “God knows better, so be quiet,” which Mr. Keller finds ‘cold.’ While I tend to latch onto the last answer, at least in my personal life, I suspect he’s on to something when he dismisses it for these reasons. It takes a certain personality type to run with that answer. Continue reading Answering in the Negative: What Suffering Isn’t?