Denominational Litmus Test

Yesterday, Mackenzie Mulligan addressed Progressive Christianity. He expressed a number of good thoughts, so I’ll let them stand on their own. There is one point I’d like to push forward, however. Near the end of his post, Mackenzie writes:

If Jesus had been a Progressive Christian, he wouldn’t have been crucified. Continue reading Denominational Litmus Test

Jesus: Not Progressive Enough?

I first heard about Progressive Christianity as a “thing” about a week ago, and I had a strong reaction to it. I did some more research and stumbled upon this: a series of affirmations, or doctrines. I want to engage with these ideas for a bit. Some of them are extremely attractive, on an emotional level, on what some would call a “spiritual” level. However, I think that many of them fall apart under scrutiny. Continue reading Jesus: Not Progressive Enough?