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This Millennial Isn’t Leaving the Church

I, a millennial, am not leaving the church. Recently there has been a small flashflood of articles unearthing possible reasons and remedies for the ongoing exodus of millennials from the Christian church. I read them as a stranger to the departing crowd. Rachel Held Evans suggested toning down the...
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Weekly Roundup: Millennials And The Church

Rachel Held Evans has inspired some great insights on “Millennials” and their relationship to the church this week. Her own thoughts, in her recent CNN piece on the subject, were mostly the same tired assertions of the liberal Christians of previous generations.  However, they prompted some...
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Weekly Roundup

This week’s noteworthies are fairly self-explanatory, so they are presented without comment.  Move over New Atheists, there’s a New Theist in town. *** The 4th of July: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. *** Egypt’s Pope hails protesters taking back ‘stolen revolution.’ *** RAND PAUL:...
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