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Government Shutdowns: Moments of Insanity?

We should stop criticizing government shutdowns and start thinking about what the shutdowns tell us. Our government inflicts us with pain all the time.  The recent government shutdown is the most accessible example of such pain.  This kind of discomfort is so repulsive because it happens without our...
October 18th, 2013 | Politics | Read More

Weekly Roundup (Shutdown Edition)

If the cover image worried you for a moment, fear not, faithful readers.  The Evangelical Outpost did not shut down this week.  We’re an essential service! Politico takes us on a photo tour of the previous 17 federal government shutdowns.  (What might be most surprising to many people, given...
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The Newsroom

I am currently addicted to The Newsroom. As with anything created by Aaron Sorkin, the show is smart, funny, and pulls at the heartstrings. So far as I know, it is also the only HBO series that does not contain ridiculous amounts of nudity and violence (even the profanity is light). Newsroom is both...
August 17th, 2012 | Conservative/Liberal, Culture, Media, Politics, Television | Read More

Year of the Mommy Blogger

If 2010 is the year of the pro-life woman, 2016 should be the year of the smart “mommy blogger”—because, if the GOP wants to ensure its own long term success, today’s politically-inclined mommy bloggers will likely become tomorrow’s candidates. Sarah Palin’s popularity is proof that the conservative...
July 28th, 2010 | Blogging, Conservative/Liberal, Media, Politics, Republicans | Read More

Super Tuesday Too:
Reflections on the OH and TX Primaries

The Longest Two Months– While it seems like an eternity has passed, the Iowa Caucus was only 60 days ago. Fortunately this is the last of the significant primaries and the race has been decided on one side and all but determined on the other. Congrats to McCain — If winning makes you look...
March 5th, 2008 | Democrats, Politics, Republicans | Read More