Wasinger: Why so silent?

The recent discovery of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ tax problems will probably not obstruct her confirmation as secretary of health and human services. Perhaps her tax indiscretions really were unimportant… or perhaps they are now considered business as usual. After all, Sebelius is hardly the first of Obama’s nominees to have an embarrassing tax history.
She is, however, the first radically pro-abortion politician that Senator Sam Brownback has publicly supported.
Sebelius’ extreme pro-abortion views are well documented, as is her relationship with George Tiller, the abortionist currently in danger of losing his medical license after multiple accusations of financial misdoings, patient endangerment, and illegal bypassing of Kansas abortion laws. Tiller is just the sort of unsavory character that you don’t want your elected officials palling around with, regardless of your political leanings.
Brownback’s support of Sebelius’ nomination as HHS secretary, one of the few cabinet positions in which one’s views on abortion are immediately relevant, was an unpleasant surprise to many pro-lifers. Senator Brownback has never been known to waver on pro-life issues… until now.

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A Conservative Stimulus Package

If anyone needs a stimulus these days, it’s the Conservative movement.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that the movement is dying, or ill-funded, or even slowing down. No, it’s alive and kicking, just temporarily out of power in Washington.
And that’s why it needs its very own stimulus package.
Fortunately for American taxpayers, the Conservative movement doesn’t need the federal money that so many dubiously fortunate groups will soon receive. In fact, had the needed Conservative stimulus been successfully enacted a few years ago, your tax dollars might not be in such jeopardy today.
That’s because the best stimulus the Conservative movement could wish for is an influx of winsome, articulate, passionate conservative candidates willing to stand up for their principles. We need the sort of men and women who not only make good candidates, but also make good Congressmen.

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