Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Leader?

Rush Limbaugh has ignited the blogosphere and the MSM with conversation about his speech at CPAC and his role within the conservative movement. At EO’s partner site the Scriptorium Daily, John Mark Reynolds wrote an thought provoking post “Rush Gave A Bad Speech” which has sparked conversation at Hot Air and Crunchy Con, among other sites. I spoke yesterday with John Mark and Paul Spears on their podcast Middlebrow about Rush’s role as a conservative leader. You can hear that podcast here.

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Has Rush Jumped the Shark?

Has Rush Limbaugh ‘jumped the shark’? That depends on what you think his purpose is. Is he, as Michael Steele no doubt wishes he hadn’t said, just ‘an entertainer’? Or is he the de facto leader of the Republican party, as so many liberals would like him to be?
Rush Limbaugh is not the head of the Republican party. And he’s not just an entertainer. He is…. Rush Limbaugh. And frankly, that’s ‘the way things oughtta be.’
Rush Limbaugh has arguably done more than any other conservative commentator to give regular folks a voice – to help the average conservative understand and articulate the views he’s always taken for granted. He gives the guy on the street not only a voice but a vocabulary with which to voice his frustrations. He’s helped put many members of the Right on the same page by serving as a sort of ‘shared text’. The taxi driver who doesn’t know what laissez-faire means can discuss economics at length with a fellow ditto-head because Rush gave him the means to do so.
Is this vocabulary out-dated? Has Rush ‘jumped the shark’? Not yet.

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