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An Interview With Lars Walker

Editor’s note: See our review of  Troll Valley by Lars Walker here. EO: Hi Lars, thanks for taking the time to do this interview for us.  I’d like to ask a couple questions about Troll Valley first, then about Christian Fantasy in general.   First, is Troll Valley based on a true story? LW:...
March 22nd, 2013 | Book Reviews, Media | Read More

Troll Valley: The Fairy Tale Grandma Never Told You

Editor’s note: See our interview with Lars Walker here. Troll Valley is not your grandmother’s fairy tale, though it might be your great-great-great-grandmother’s fairy tale.  From the official synopsis: Chris Anderson has everything. He’s the son of the richest family in town. He...
March 21st, 2013 | Book Reviews, Media | Read More