Obama Praises William Ayers’ Book

According to Fox News, while he was a state senator in Illinois, Barack Obama endorsed William Ayers’ book A Kind and Just Parent: Children of the Juvenile Court . In the endorsement, state senator Obama praised the book as “searing and timely.” I am not aware of any remarks from the McCain camp about this latest link between Ayers and Obama, but I would not be surprised to see this emerge as a talking point. Meanwhile, Obama’s camp is claiming that the endorsement was not a review of the entire book. This seems like a sensible defense of Senator Obama’s endorsement. It seems perfectly reasonable to assume that Senator Obama simple believed the book’s title (for example) to be “searing and timely.”
I believe that the evidence clearly demonstrates that Senator Obama and William Ayers, a self-admitted perpetrator of domestic attacks against the United States, had a friendly relationship and have many areas of ideological agreement. Ideological agreement between the two can be seen most clearly in the area of education. Given Ayers age and position relative to Obama upon their meeting, it further seems reasonable to conclude that Ayers is something of an ideological mentor to Barack Obama. I hold a high view of the power of mentor / mentee relationships and believe that young people (such as myself) owe much of our early understandings / views of the world and personal networking success to such relationships.
My question to the Obama supporters out there: Does Obama’s mentor / mentee relationship with Ayers matter? If not, why not?